Good Gyms in East London?

For those folks want to do something for their fitness, going to a fitness gym is always one of the first options. In a city like London, finding a ton of gyms is obviously not a really big deal because they’re really everywhere.

Where it may get a little complicated though is finding a good one, you know, these types of fitness studios where they still care about the customer. And finding those has arguably become a lot more difficult in London in recent times. Why is that?

Many of the smaller, independent fitness gyms in London have been bought out by those large gym chains. Now, it’s all about competing with bargain prices to lure in customers, and not so much about customer service or quality of their offers.

If you ask me, I am strictly avoiding all these big name gym chains and am always on the lookout for smaller, independent fitness gyms. It is there where the people still care about their customers. And, as I noticed, the smaller studios also normally have better equipment and establish usually also friendlier and more motivated. (In some of the big name gym chains here in East London, I have seen folks behind the counter which I think have no experience in that industry whatsoever).

If you’re looking for good gyms in Hackney, I have some tips for you. The first thing that you should do is to check out them out on the internet so can get a first idea about what they offer. Then, go there so can get an impression about their staff. Don’t just sign up for the best gym that comes along but compare a number of them side-by-side. And don’t just look at the price! It may take a little find a good gym, but it will be worth it.


New Plan to Slash Smoking Rates in England

The government’s Tobacco Control Plan wants to make England smoke-free.

The goal is to slash Great Britain’s smoking rates down to 12% by the year 2022, down from 15.5%.

The Action on Smoking and Health charity says that when smoking rates will continue to drop as they do, it will make way to a generation of non-smokers in Great Britain as soon as by 2030.

According to the latest health statistics, smoking still currently responsible for more than 200 deaths per day.

The Department of Health outlined its targets for the future. They want to reduce smoking rates down to 12%, cut the numbers of teens who smoke from today 8% to 3% or less. They also aim to lower the numbers of those smoking during pregnancy down to 6% from currently 10.7%.

Chess Taught in Schools Can Help Students Concentrate

Park End Primary School in Middlesbrough is one of more than 800 primary schools in the United Kingdom that add chess to their curriculum. The reason: Chess can help to improve maths and problem solving skills.

As schools in the nation deal with short attention spans, a lack of concentration and focus due to what is commonly also referred to as “screen addiction”, the game of chess is now seen as a way to remedy these problems.

For headteacher Julia Rodwell at Park End Primary School, the game has brought her pupils out of their shell.  “Teachers rush over to me saying, ‘come down and look at this child – she can’t do simple sums, but she’s beating everyone in the class at chess! We’re in a very deprived area, so chess is not something our children have traditionally come across – but we’ve embraced it as a whole school,” she is quoted saying.

About 20 schools per month all throughout the UK are are now signing up for chess classes. The game is encouraging the students to sit down, to focus and to think rather than fidgeting with electronic devices or tapping on computers.

Malcolm Pein is the founder of the charity which devises and runs the classes called “Chess in Schools and Communities”. He is one of these former chess players who wants to see children become “unplugged”. The idea for the charity came to him many decades ago in the 80s where he was able to witness the positive effect of chess on the children.

For now, these efforts to bring the game of chess to the classrooms are very successful. For instance, the Liverpool’s Sacred Heart Catholic primary that had a high percentage of disadvantaged students has now reached the finals of the ECF national schools championships that will be held next month.

The above news from the United Kingdom’s schools and education sector is brought to you by Schools Hitchin, the private school in North Hertfordshire where quality education is still valued!